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The hike is over and now you're hungry! But, you're in a small town, out in the boon-docks, and you're wondering, "Where's a good place to eat?". Well, to answer that question our club's gastronomical expert (Ed Evangelidi) collated his many years of experience eating in many small town restaurants and created the guide below.

If you wish, you can download a PDF version of the guide by clicking on the title.

Ed's Guide to Good Eats!

Add a country restaurant to your hike!


Try one of the city's fine farmer's markets for lunch.

BULLS RESTAURANT, (west-Swanton, just on top of the Allegheny Front on Md. 135). Good food (all three meals), good prices (no bull), good subs and superb banana splits. Closes early (as does everything else way out here). (301) 359-3035

CHAT 'N CHEW, Stays open later and is O.K. (301) 786-4382

KING'S N.Y. PIZZA, (W. Potomac Street) Hearty foods plus their fresh pizza. (301) 834-9999

ROCKY'S, (across from Ft. Ritchie). Great Italian food & subs. Try the filling calzone. Worth hiking the nearby A.T. over & over again to eat here afterwards. Very low prices. (301) 241-3172

Clear Spring:
WINDY HILL RESTAURANT, Blow into town and try this hill o'beans. (301) 842-2827

CORNER STABLE, (rt 45 and Church Lane). Ribs a specialty. A bit pricey and very small, but worth it. Good beer (quit beefing, cower at the long line; no bull!) Recommended by Chuck Roast. (410) 666-8722

GIUSEPPE, (Bowery St., south of Alt. Rt. 40). That's Italian! Moderate prices and exceptionally good food. Well worth a detour. Don't pasta this by. Full bar too, occasional crowds. (301) 689-2220 {Best recommendation in Maryland}

THE CASSELMAN, An authentic (1800's) Mennonite restaurant. Good food and fresh pastries. Low prices but can be crowded. Closed Sun. (301) 895-5266

HILLTOP INN, east on US 219. (301) 896-5168

PENN ALPS RESTAURANT, Good food, standard prices in a nice park-like setting; buffet too. (A good appetite 'alps). (301) 895-5985

ROCKY'S, (rt. 65 a mile north of I-70).Very good NY pizza and beer but other items only OK. My Aunt Chovy can't top this. (301) 791-6810

PARK 'N' DINE, Big menu, low prices and good views really packs them in but can take the crowds. A club standard. (301) 678-5242

CINDY DEE, (at the flashing light off US 340).Location, location, location. Convenient to the A.T., C&O Canal, 2 rivers and scenic Harper's Ferry makes this a club standard. Probably visited by more outdoor people than any restaurant. OK food (all meals), reasonable prices, tasteful(?) decor. (301) 695-8181

North East:
PIER 1, (rts. 272 & 7) Standard Italian & seafood fare at reasonable prices. Good breakfasts too. (410) 287-6599

TOWNE RESTAURANT, (US 219, just west of the big courthouse). Stop by for all three meals. Excellent buckwheat pancakes. Low prices. Nice and quiet in ski season. Closed sundays. (301) 334-3300

OLNEY ALE HOUSE, The only recommendation in Olney. Yuppie fare & crowds, but good beer selection and home made breads. Be prepared to wait a short while for a table. (301) 774-6708

COZY, (rt. 806) Busloads of people can't be wrong. (Does Cozy mean being elbow to elbow with hundreds of others?) All you can eat at moderate prices, but reserve early to minimize the long lines. Quaint shoppes. (301) 271-4301

MOUNTAIN GATE, (rt. 806) Similar great recommendations as the Cozy; big place. (301) 271-4373Pennsylvania

DELTA RESTAURANT, (on rts. 74 & 851) South of Muddy & Otter Creeks and west of the Mason Dixon Trail. Wholesome food, good prices in farm country. Nice breakfasts & open late too. (717) 456-5233

GLISSANS, Packs them in with low prices and good food. (US40) Good breakfasts also. (724) 329-4636

Laurel Highlands:
ROSENSTEEL'S, Expensive & fancy but good. (724) 329-4878

TOPOS, (Markleysburg) Plain & fancy dishes @ plain & fancy prices. Specials too. Find it on your topo maps. (724) 329-4838

THE SUN PORCH, in Hopwood has THE best (but pricey) area buffet. (724) 439-5734

DUTCH KITCHEN, (S. Lehigh Ave.) Where the frack are we? On the way to the Poconos is this great kitchen. (570) 874-3265

LINCOLN DINER, (N. of US 30 circle at W. Railroad & Carlyle). Big restaurant serving good diner food. Good prices and exc. pastries.Has a proper Gettysburg address. open 24 hrs/7 days. (717) 334-3900

BAKER'S FAMILY RESTAURANT, US 15 north. (717) 432-8800

Jennerstown: TURILLO'S, When hiking or skiing the nearby Laurel Highlands treat yourself and stop in. Stupendous steaks and Italian food. Gets very crowded in season (nice bar for waiting). (814) 629-9403

BIRD IN HAND, (rt. 340 east). Ample, ample Amish country food typical pickles, family style eating. Worth two in the bush. (717) 768-8266 or (800) 537-2535.

GOOD 'N PLENTY, (rt. 896) very good 'n plentyful. (717) 394-7111

PLAIN AND FANCY, (rt. 340 east). Plain food, fancy setting. Great Amish family style spread. - open 7 days. (717) 768-4400

OAKHURST TEA ROOM, (rt.31 6 mi. w. of town). THE buffet. A (west) bit pricey, but what a spread! Work up an appetite first in the Laurel Highlands. (closed mondays). (814) 443-2897

SUMMIT DINER, downtown N. Center Ave. for real good diner food. (814) 445-7154

FRANK'S PIZZA, (Wayne Heights Mall) Just down the road (Pa. 16) from the A.T. is this fine pizza place. Clunky boots O.K. (717) 762-9107


LAUREL DUTCH INN, (Central Ave., 1 mi. S. of rt. 24)If you are in the SW corner of the state, come in & enjoy (ample & friendly) country style breakfasts & dinners with the locals. (302) 875-7158

GROTTO PIZZA, (on the main street near beach). Tasty pizza and big seating area. Stroll the boardwalk afterwards. (302) 227-FAST


ANTHONY'S #2, (rt. 54 and US 1 in the shopping center). V.G. {A buy} Italian food, huge portions & reasonable prices. Try their calzone, lasagna or pizza. Beer too. Manga when near. (804) 798-3181

SMOKEY PIG, just south on US 1 from rt. 54. BBQ and chicken in the southern tradition. Can be crowded. (804) 798-4590

CHIANG HOUSE, US 29 n. end of town. V.G. Chinese, Japanese and excellent Teppan-Yaki (recommended) but DC prices and reservations recommended for Teppan-Yaki. (804) 973-0838.

ETTA'S FAMILY RESTAURANT, (East Side Drive). The best deal in waterfront dining. Good food, nice decor, good prices and can handle the crowds with reservations. Well off the beaten path Seasonal. If I see sea food I eat it. Si senor.(757) 336-5644

MARIA'S FAMILY RESTAURANT, (Maddox Blvd.) Good breakfasts & dinners and open all year. (757) 336-5040.

BILL'S RESTAURANT, (S. Main) for native seafood. (757) 336-5831

HONG KONG, (US Bus. 29 near rt. 229). Well worth stopping in. (540) 825-0158

COUNTRY COOKIN', (on US 1 opposite Mary Washington college). Basic food, VERY low prices. Also other locations(Culpeper) (540) 371-3767

FUKIEN GOURMET, (US 1, south of river) has V. G. Chinese fare. (540) 371-8505

Front Royal:
JALISCO, (340 N.)Hearty and spicy Mexican food & drink to warm your palate. Chili today, hot tamale keeps you going & going. (540) 635-7348

ROYAL RESTAURANT, (Chester St.) is quaint.

JOE'S ITALIAN, (rts. 29 and 55 just south of I-66). Very good Italian food & great pizza at DC prices. Beer too. (703) 754-2235

Great Falls:
THELMA'S, (rt. 743 west of Colvin Run Mill) No restaurant, no good food, but lots of Thelma's home made ice cream.

BROOKSIDE, (US 211 east of town).To buffet or not to buffet... but expect that little extra touch on the buffet table. Moderately priced. (540) 743-5630, (540) 743-5698, (800) 299-2635

BROWN'S, (business 211 west of 340) Brown's Chinese Restaurant? Don't knock the name, as it has converted the Virginia ham crowd to egg rolls and won ton soup. Moderately priced. Some of the over eaters here have stomachs known as Luray caverns

Orkney Springs:
ORKNEY SPRINGS HOTEL, Very reasonable and ample quantities. Small (concert only) season. Reservations req. (540) 856-2141

PEPPER'S TEXAS STYLE BBQ (on W&OD Trail at Michael Faraday Drive). Good BBQ at good prices. Closed Sundays. Rest on the hike here. (703) 435-9696

SAL'S RESTAURANT, (US 33, shopping center) Better than standard in this ville. Full Italian menu/southern Shenandoah, great!

HOTEL STRASBURG, (S. Holiday St) Very fancy & a bit pricey gourmet fare. Also has a casual bar with food. Very Victorian. (540) 465-9191

GRAVES MOUNTAIN LODGE, An institution with hikers. syriasly! Good food, good prices, good hiking location, but seasonal and tough to get into. (540) 923-4231

CHINATOWN, (US 50, east of I-81). Good selection & excellent preparation. Has that extra touch. Great buffet too. 662-0700

West Virginia

CHEAT MOUNTAIN RESTAURANT, (Old US 33 & the river between Alpina & Elkins). Excellent but pricey gourmet seafood, friendly owners, scenic views and Monongahela Forest too! (304) 636-6265

ALPINA RESTAURANT, (US 33). Very nice restaurant and coffee shop in the middle of no where (hikers paradise).

Canaan Valley:
BLACKWATER FALLS S.P. LODGE, (In the park). Always a good meal with relaxing atmosphere. Nice prices, OK drinks. Check the views afterwards. (304) 259-5216

DEERFIELD RESTAURANT, (Cortland rd.) Nice fancy selections of food and wines. Not always open. (304) 866-4559

GIGI's, (downstairs of Deerfield) has basic pizza, etc. (304) 866-7000

SAWMILL RESTAURANT, (Davis) Nice breakfast; good dinners too. (304) 259-5245

TALLY HO, north of here for local flavor & good drinks but lousy spaghetti & cigarette smoke. (304) 463-4291

Charles Town:
SHU CHEN, (Bus 340 in town) Great Chinese cookin'. (304) 728-0033

THOMPSON'S MOTEL, Value & country style cooking. (304) 358-2331

Harpers Ferry:
FUDGE KITCHEN, Fudge on the calorie count. Another no meals place worth visitin' with all kinds of fudge. (304) 535-1115

HILLTOP HOUSE, (hillside overlooking the Potomac) Great views, great building, good food-unlimited, but a bit pricey. Even if you are not hungry, stop by to fill up on the great view. (304) 535-2132

ROYAL RESTAURANT, (Main St./rt. 46 east). During the civil war Keyser changed hands 16 times but this restaurant probably was business as usual. 10c records in the juke box hints at it's antiquity and VERY low prices. Good for all three meals. [closed holidays]

EL JINETE, (US 220 south). South of the (Keyser) border is this great place for a siesta - after dinner. (304) 788-3553

MONROE'S, (rt. 7 - E. Main St.) Great & fancy yuppie fare. (304) 329-3354

NEW CHINA, (rts. 26 & 7) is the buffet value in these here parts. Low prices too. Open 7 days; open late. (304) 329-0112

MARIO'S, (S. High St.) A hidden delight! Twirl spaghetti forks with the locals. Pasta the time away! (304) 822-7776

BAVARIAN INN, (at the bridge). Maybe a little bit too fancy for hikers - very good German food @ Washington prices. (304) 876-2551

BETTY'S, Good for breakfast

OLD PHARMACY, (E. German St.) Good for breakfast

TOMMY'S PIZZA, (Mill St. @ R.R. tracks.) Very Good pizza! (304) 876-2577

KAC-KA-PON, Not great, but good food in this hiking crossroads. Hiking the Tuscarora Trail without stopping here is unheard of. Good breakfasts also. (304) 874-3232


compiled and digested by Edward Evangelidi
updated 12/09
Restaurants come and go, as do cooks, menu's, prices, etc
Help us keep this guide up to date with up to date corrections on these restaurants.


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